Oriental Rug Cleaning Service Charlotte NC
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Oriental Rug Cleaning Service Charlotte NC Oriental Rug Cleaning Service Charlotte NC

Oriental Rug Charlotte is definitely the perfect company in Charlotte, NC area to clean and brush your precious Oriental Rugs. Our customers can easily count on the very best quality Perform and Superb Service for all their own Oriental and local Rug Cleaning up.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Service Charlotte NC Color Protect Oriental Rug Cleaning Service Charlotte NC Clean And Wash Oriental Rug Cleaning Service Charlotte NC Protect Your Carpet
Our Carpet/Rug Color Protection Plan was made to preserve your carpet colors along the years. Don't hasitate, Call right away to save your carpet colors Call Oriental Rug Cleaning Service Charlotte NC to Shampoo Your Carpet with the top notch natural products.

Each Rug or Carpet is given the benefit of our knowledge and experience which is a commitment to High Quality Work and Superb Service at Reasonable Prices.

Oriental Carpet Cleaning Oriental Rug Cleaning Service Charlotte NC
Oriental Rug Cleaning Service Charlotte NC Metro cordially you to identify and extremely Visit your Rug be Hands Cleaned, with natural Glycerin then Triple Cleaned and Pressed by our Master Cleaner. you can easily Call and possess all your Oriental Rugs, Area rugs , Kilim, Soumac, Dhurrie, Flokati, Antique and Contemporary Rugs and Tapestries SelectedUp and Shipped without Additional Charge!

Furthermore for the above stated services, we at Persian Rug Cleaning Service Charlotte NC are prepared to provide moth proofing, wet stain & U.V. protection, packing and shipping.
We at Oriental Rug Cleaning Service Charlotte NC Metro Wash always inspect our customers rugs for damage when we are called to your home to pick them up for cleaning. We will recommend the Best , Most Cost Effective way to keep your Valuable Rugs and Kilim around for years to come.

Most often all that is needed is simple Edge Conservation, Overcasting, Belgian Stitch or Dabble Knotting.
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Some rugs may need Patching or Re-Weaving or Dye Work in order to return the rug to service. We offer different ways to achieve our customers satisfaction
.The net result to you is that Persian Rug Cleaning Service Charlotte NC Metro Wash will be there to help keep your valuable Rugs and Kilim cleaned and in good repair for years to come. We are just a phone call away and we always welcome your questions!
That point on fully Immersion soak , then each rug is carefully Hands Cleaned in line with the weight, Age , and Condition. Special remedies for Pet Problems, Urine, Smells etc. are handled at this time around.
This Is Very Important to understand, most ‘so called’ Oriental rug skin cleansers are basically carpet skin cleansers in disguise! that is why you should call us, We do Persian, oriental and are rugs. We shampoo and wash them as they were our own Carpets. As we always say "if you don't do it with love, don't do it at all"

Only through years of actual hands-on experience can the (Sort and separate process) which determines the best cleaning solution make-up, by which your rug might be safely and completely cleaned. Simply Put, There Is No Alternative for that actual Skin cleansers Understanding which enables him to correctly custom Mix and adjust the cleaning solution according to each rugs dye and mordant type.
Next your rug is carefully Cleaned and Pressed 3 occasions. Each time the Rug is pressed inside our German 20 ton per sq inch Oriental Rug Press , your rug continues to be flushed with Clean Solution completely towards the foundation Warp Cords. Its Like Grandmas Laundry wringer only that certain can Squeeze an rug that's 20 foot wide!
Following a rugs are sorted to type and viewed, As well as the cleaning solutions are mixed for each batch, the rugs look at the cleaning process where they are DRY DUSTED to eliminate loose muck and grit. The Rug is Squashed, Cleaned and Pressed believe it or not than 3 occasions prior to the solution runs completely Apparent!